Always in collaboration with you, the design process is an exciting and creative experience and a fundamental part of realising your perfect garden.

Once all aspects of your new garden have been considered and explored, and with particular attention given to combinations of plants and materials, detailed landscape and planting plans will be produced, ready for the next stage.


Whether implementing a full-scale transformation or making improvements to an existing space, all landscaping work is careful, considered, efficient and respectful of your garden, home and the surrounding area.

Where possible, materials used will be locally sourced and/or sustainable, and advice will be given on how to best look after the landscape and maximise lifespan.


Good garden maintenance, regular, well executed and in tune with the seasons, is at the core of every successful garden. It can also see your garden evolve and grow in beautiful ways.

From basic tasks such as mowing a lawn or weeding, to detailed work like training a rose or topiary, all parts of a healthy, happy garden will be tended to.